Our history

Makers Dance Company

was founded in 2017 by creative artist and American Ballet Theatre Soloist Alexandre Hammoudi.

Comprised of dancers and collaborators from all around the world uniting together in the common goal of bringing a new artistic voice and vision for anyone and everyone to witness.

HOW WE CAME TO BE After spending many years on and off stage working with different artists, choreographers and creators we started to ask ourselves why do we do what we do as artists. The urge of opening up to a larger world and finding the tools to connect with the audience on a deeper level became our main vision, to cater our art to all people without exceptions.

In 2017 the opportunity to collaborate with Manuel Vignoulle for Dancers Responding to Aids (DRA) came to us. This first step was essential to bringing different people together to accomplish something bigger than ourselves and showed us that together we can do great things through our movement and our will.

Makers Dance Company offers a real inside and raw look at the personalities of the MAKERS that are part of this special circle. Are you ready for a dramatically unique dance experience.